CDAC Scholarship

Community Development Agreement Regulations were established by the Cabinet Secretary of Mining pursuant to Section 109 (i) of the Mining Act of 2016. The Regulations were established primarily to provide a legal basis on which mining operations and mining – related activities are managed in a manner that ensures that benefits accruing from mining activities are shared between the mining holder and the affected community. The Regulations further seek to ensure that mining significantly contributes to the improved economic, social and cultural wellbeing of the community; and that there is accountability and transparency in mining related community development.

To realize the above, a robust and effective Base Titanium affiliated CDACs were established in 2018 and subsequently gazzetted in February 2020. These CDACs included Msambweni, Lungalunga and Likoni community development agreement committees. The CDACs bring on board representation from various State, community and non-state actors including the national and county government administration, political leadership, women, youth, persons with disabilities and civil society as well as the mining license holders, to ensure that the socio-economic development is inclusive and sustainable.

In early 2021, Base Titanium operationalized the CDACs by inducting members and facilitating a negotiation process that culminated in the drafting and generation of the development agreements between the license holder and the community. The first assignment of CDACs included public consultations with the community where the latter proposed the kind of projects they wished to be implemented in the various villages. The report of this process would inform part of the community development agreements that were later formalized in a ceremony presided over by the Cabinet Secretary of Petroleum and Mining on 24th May 2021.