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Msambweni Community Development Agreement Committee (CDAC) is one of the three CDACs established by Base Titanium Limited (BTL) in compliance with the Mining Act of 2016 and its subsequent regulations. CDAC is charged with the responsibility of managing at least 1% of the Base Titanium’s gross sales on behalf of the communities affected by mining activities. The other two CDACs under the stewardship of BTL include Lungalunga and Likoni CDACs.
CDACs comprise representation from various State, community and non-state actors including the national and county government administration, political leadership, women, youth, persons with disabilities as well as the mining license holders, to ensure maximum, inclusive and sustainable socio-economic benefits accruing from the mining operations of BTL.

In early 2021, Base Titanium operationalized the CDACs by inducting members and facilitating a negotiation process that culminated in the drafting and generation of community development agreements that were later formalized in a ceremony presided over by the Cabinet Secretary of Petroleum and Mining on 24th May 2021.

The Organization
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